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Thank You, Croatan High School!

01.02.13 | Posted in Uncategorized

Our latest addition from Emerald Isle, North Carolina comes from Mrs. Sheila Moore’s Marine Science class at Croatan High School, whose students documented the passing of Hurricane Sandy.

Emerald Isle sand, ? betsy kimak

Emerald Isle sand ? Betsy Kimak

For their class project, students brought in sand from their own collections and excursions, samples from all over the world – Ireland, Turks and Caicos, and beach vacations. They investigated the class collection through the microscope and described the samples for grain size, color, presence of organic material, how they were sorted and how mature the grains were.

Emerald Isle, ? Peyton Lesher

Emerald Isle ? Peyton Lesher

Afterwards, the students explored the Sandrific website in class. Since Croatan High is near North Carolina’s Bogue Banks, Mrs. Sheila Moore sent us a sand sample from Emerald Isle. Students provided their own photographs, capturing the beach before, during and after the hurricane moved past the coast.

Check out the Emerald Isle map point and their photo series here:

Storm clouds from hurricane sandy, ? Maddie Heverly

Storm clouds from Hurricane Sandy ? Maddie Heverly

Our hearts go out to all who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We wish Mrs. Sheila Moore’s Marine Science class the best of luck in their studies and hope that their contribution to Sandrific inspires other students to pursue science.

Thank you Sheila, Peyton, Sharon, Emily, Morgan, Maddie, Kat, Eric!

Go Cougars!

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