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Sandrific Q & A

04.27.09 | Posted in Project Updates

How do I use the map?

Click on a location in the left sidebar to see a popup for that sample. If you click on a sand photo, you can see larger photos. Click the arrows to navigate through the photo slideshows. The tabs across the top of each popup offer additional information about the location and a scale reference.

What technique do you use to photograph the sand?

So far, the best setup is my kitchen table in bright, ambient natural light. Usually about 20 photos — it takes me awhile to find the most unique qualities of each sample.

Why don’t you have more sand?

That’s a good question. It’s probably time for a vacation.

What camera do you use?

I’m using my 4-megapixel Olympus C-4000 Zoom.

Now that your laughter has subsided, let me tell you the story behind this camera. I bought it before a trip to Hawai’i in October 2003. I unboxed it on Barber’s Point Beach on my first day. Those photos on the map are the first ones I took with this camera, so it seemed natural to use it for the project. I have a couple of tiny grains permanently stuck in the lens mechanism from that trip, but it’s really rugged and it has survived some hard drops, including a smack onto the concrete in the middle of a crowd at Sam’s Town.

Can I send you some sand?

If you have some really great sand that you think should be on the map, please get in touch. I prefer sand from sources that people have direct access to (your home, your weekend drive, etc.), rather than asking people to part with sand from their collections. I know how hard that is to do?like giving up a little bit of yourself.

You asked me for some sand. How do I send it to you?

I don’t need a lot ? just enough to fill a film canister, old pill bottle or something similar. If you have a GPS unit and can send me the coordinates from where you get the sand, great; if not, write the name of the beach on the sample and make sure it doesn?t spill in the mail. If you are able to take a good photo of the area or nearby things that reflect the essence of the location, I?d be happy to include it and credit you.

Did you ever take a trip just to get sand?

Sortof, yes. But I don’t believe in being goal oriented. Life is about taking time to smell the roses and feeling the sand between your toes. My collection grows organically without timelines or expectations — beautiful surprises arise by living in the moment.

Aren’t you afraid of Pele’s wrath?

Pele is always a force to be reckoned with, but I believe I have honored her.

How is this site built?

The mashup integrates the Slimbox API and the Google Maps API. The blog is powered by WordPress.

What’s your favorite sand?

My favorite sand is that on the beach outside the door of my hotel.

What’s your baseline for white?

Nudey Beach Fontainebleau. It’s like bright-white office paper. Stunning.